You shall be citizen*
* (original title: Tu seras citoyen)
HD, 16:9, 3' 05'', color video, no autoplay, no loop
Installation: red carpet, 3 x 4 m, two plywood socles, 65 x 120 x 55, 65 x 100 x 55, laptop, charger

The exhibition Hands up!* follows a logical sequence around a gold leafed wooden panel titled Index, stating ten instructions whose underlying principles are to be found dissected within the exhibition through the establishment of a color/material lexical field. 

The video, whose installation is named after, contains images of a snowy road seen through the window of a car, alongside archive images presenting a borderless European map and against a backdrop of a XXth century selection of music. The video is not in autoplay mode, nor in a loop, thus asking the viewer for a reflexion and a subsequent decision.

Exhibition view: Hands up*!, EAC (Les Halles), Porrentruy, CH, 2018
Photo documentation: Philippe Queloz, 2018