- Where do you see yourself, in this firm, in the next five years?

- Nowhere.

There is no Stalin in you, 2017, excerpt
HD, 25’58’’, color video projection, stereo

"There is no Stalin in you” is a film proposing a trajectory at the centre of a simultaneously concrete and subjective geography. The journey takes place between Russia, Bosnia Herzegovina, and Italy. The editing hinge on the fragmentary story of a young woman born at the end of the Soviet period. The camera scrutinises different heterogeneous territories; a marble quarry, a domestic space, a Soviet period artefacts museum, the hallways of a subway station enhanced with marble plates, etc.. The film confronts us to the materiality of the marble, raises ideas of permanence but also of precarity: for example in the marble imitation wallpaper covering the walls of the protagonist's kitchen; or a commemorative plate recalling the history of the anarchists in front of a bright yellow and delicate flower bouquet, somehow resisting the gust of wind. The disjunction operating between images and sounds puts forward urgent questionings related to the writing of history and memory, in direct link with the present."

Text: Maria Iorio, Raphaël Cuomo, 2017


There is no Stalin in you, 2017
HD, 25’58’’, color video projection (loop), stereo
Installation: drystone bench, approx. 120 x 55 x 60 cm
Exhibition view: FIFTEEN, Kunsthaus Langenthal, CH, 2017
Photo documentation: Annaïk Lou Pitteloud, 2017