Adriane Morard (*1987, CH) works with video, installation, the collection of materials and, since 2018, with gilding and reliefs. 

In her videos and installations, she treats urgent concerns such as the usage of natural resources, the writing of History and our relation to the Other by exploring associative ways of creating narratives. Refraining from intellectual and speculative approaches, she aims to create spaces where the medium of the work echoes the emphasised subjects through perception and association.

In the same logic, she takes interest in precious materials and their representations, such as gold and marble. Exploring their subjectivity - their historicity, position and authorship - she investigates, through gilding, reliefs and sometimes sculpture, the discourses they are being surrounded with or affected to. 

Her body of work functions in terms of interrelated series forming a signage system of simultaneously concrete and imaginary realities, navigating through intertwined mechanisms forming the topography of our human habitat.

Adriane Morard lives and work in Berlin since 2018.

Artist statement / 2019