Meeting with Satoshi Nakamoto, excerpt, 2015
HD, 03’30’’, video projection (loop), stereo
Text in video is a computer generated mashup between the Bitcoin and Libertarian manifestos.

«Nowadays, the global state of the individual is stagnating under a crippling web of control. Taxes and monopoly privileges to produce and sell conferred by central governments and lobbies upon their favorite producers.

This alliance of new bureaucratic, profit-making central government owned companies with priviledged merchants– an alliance called «mercantilism» by earlier historians– and with a class of ruling feudal landlords constituted the Old Order. 

Firstly, there is the belief that power is evil, a necessity perhaps but an evil necessity; that it is infinitely corrupting; and that it must be controlled, limited, restricted in every way compatible with a minimum of civil order. 

Written constitutions; the centralisation of powers; limitations on data privacy; restrictions on the right to anonymity express the profound distrust of power that lies at the ideological heart of our media-controlled society. 

Involuntary servitude comes with forced labor, which stands for: loss of anonymity, of freedom of action and movement, an act which denies the most elemental right of self-ownership. 

There can be no more blatant case of involuntary servitude than an entire system of surveillance built on the statement that «with freedom comes risk, so in order to avoid risk, we must control freedom.»

... a free world that is unforgiving of any kind of servitude and therefore any kind of centralised power, or, let’s say, any kind of contemporary fascism.»

Text: Meeting with Satoshi Nakamoto, voice over