Adriane Morard (*1987, Montreux, CH) was formerly trained as a multimedia conceptor. Her work explores the experience and role of the individual in global societal systems through a life in zigzag; interrogating notions of territories, of the sense of belonging and of our ever shifting positions on past, present and future perspectives.

In a cold gaze, she navigates within heterogeneous trajectories, observing specific aspects of our relation to history and its authority by investigating geographical and ideological territories. Raw materials, found objects and missed-out potentials are kept in a record, establishing subsequent lexical fields and signage systems.

Her body of work formally echoes the discourses of the representations which she playfully puts forward. The disjunction operating between objects and subjects, sounds and images are presenting a fragmented reality in which cracks and empty spaces are leading to a point zero, a ahistorical position in which potentials can materialise.

Adriane Morard is based in Switzerland and in Berlin.