Adriane Morard (*1987)
adriane.morard (a)
Based in CH and Berlin


Adriane Morard was born in 1987 in Montreux (CH). She was formerly trained as a multimedia conceptor and shortly worked in the domain of visual communication. She travelled for several years throughout Europe, Russia and Asia, travels which oriented her towards a contemporary practice of art. Hence the heterogeneous body of work emphasising on context and time related critical lectures of the image.

She interrogates individual experiences within global societal systems through the establishment of lexical fields: colours, sounds and materials are being dissected in a cold gaze, revealing their respective subjectivity and echoing the discourses of their surroundings. She takes interest in missed out potentials that never materialised, in places left behind the ever-accelerating process of accumulation of capital, in precious materials and their representations, proposing trajectories throughout heterogeneous geographical and ideological territories.

Her work exposes a fragmented reality which can be unified only by the tension between the viewer and the work, thus allowing the latter to dissolve in a subjective and yet concrete reality where questions of power, memory and identity are treated in an associative and perceptive aesthetic.


Solo shows

Haut les mains!, EAC (Les Halles), Porrentruy, CH

Hit a Nerve, Cabane B, Bern, CH

Group Shows

Plattform18, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Langenthal, CH
Morning! by Milieu, Cinema Rex, Bern, CH

Cantonale Berne Jura, Kunsthaus Centre d’Art Pasquart, Biel/Bienne, CH
DREEM ROOM, Smock Bureau, Adelaide, AU
London Intensive, Camden Arts Centre, London, UK
London Intensive, Slade Research Centre, London, UK
Zukunftswucher, Stadtgalerie, Bern, CH
FIFTEEN, Kunsthaus Langenthal, Langenthal, CH

Y-Experimentals: Who is the Audience?, Bern University of the Arts, Bern, CH
Artagon, Galerie Passage de Retz, Paris, FR

Hackerstellë (Arts & Hack Space), Prishtina, XK
Baushtellë: Balkan Temple, Zürich, CH
Baushtellë: Balkan Temple, Belgrade, RS
Baushtellë: Balkan Temple, Prishtina, XK

Adventskalender, Bern University of the Arts, Bern, CH
Publication #1, in collaboration with Tokyo Data Collective, Decal’Quai, Montreux, CH
Piss and Luff, Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival (LUFF), Lausanne, CH

L’Expo du Grenier, Lausanne, CH
10 years of Cinéma Oblo, in collaboration with Tokyo Data Collective, Cinema Oblo, Lausanne, CH

Residencies & Artist talks
2017, Camden Arts Centre, residency, London, UK
2017, Slade Art Research Centre, residency, London, UK
2017, Zukunftswucher, artist talk, Stadtgalerie, Bern, CH
2015, Technologies of the Self, artist talk, Pancevo Cultural Centre, Pancevo, RS
2015, Baushtellë: Balkan Temple, residency, Zürich, CH
2015, Baushtellë: Balkan Temple, residency, Belgrade, RS
2015, Baushtellë: Balkan Temple, residency, Prishtina, XK
2015, Berghütte Forsthütte Weidli, residency, Stalden, CH
2013, Platoon Kunsthalle, residency in collaboration with Tokyo Data Collective, Berlin, DE

Workshops & fellowships
2016, The Changing Self-Image of the Contemporary Artist, organised by SARN (Swiss Artistic Research Network), Bern, CH
2016, Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee: Where do I stay, What do I want?, curated by Thomas Hirschhorn, Bern, CH
2016, Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst, Salzburg, AT
2016, Springtime ‘16: To Whom Belongs Your Work? On (Self-) Censorship, curated by Marianne Flotron, Bern University of the Arts, Bern, CH
2015, Summerschool 1: Single Shot Cinema, curated by Leonard Retel Helmrich, Bern University of the Arts, Bern, CH
2013, How To Be a Conceptual Artist in 5 Easy Steps, curated by Young Hae Chan Heavy Industries, Tokyo Wondersite (TWS), Tokyo, JP

2017-2014, BA Fine Arts, Bern University of the Arts, Bern, CH
2007-2003, Multimedia Conception, Ecole Romande d’Arts et Communciation (ERACOM), Lausanne, CH
2003-2002, Preparatory school, visual arts, Céruléum, Lausanne, CH